Plant Plus Foods Spread
Empowering and nourishing possibilities.

We believe that eating great means fueling your body with the nutrients it needs, while truly enjoying your meals. That everyone should have access to a world of cuisines—and discovery in every bite. Because no one should have to pick between what tastes good and what's good for them.

Eating well means eating with enjoyment and purpose.

We embrace ingredients that come from sustainable sources in partnership with crop growers. Our commitment to traceability, regenerative farming, and zero deforestation enable us all to foster a better world. That means you can feel good about everything you offer your customers.

Foods fit for the future.

We create distinctive opportunities for brands to provide their customers with delicious, nutritious foods they can take pride in. We offer private label and food service opportunities that allow businesses to meet the needs of their health-conscious, plant-focused, and future-forward consumers.

Hillary's Prime Plants
Purposeful Nutrition from Veg-Forward Foods
Hilary's Prime Plants offers purposeful combinations of superfood-rich plant ingredients that nourish and vitalize from the inside out.
Sol Cuisine
Plant-Forward Cuisine to Crave & Share
Sol Cuisine is chef crafted and curated to provide superior tasting plant-based cuisine to crave and share.